CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) Ronella Croes: Awareness to stimulate separation of waste is important

Ceo Aruba Tourism Authority A.t.a Ronella Croes

Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) joins the national campaign “Limpi Limpi”. A.T.A. CEO Ronella Croes at a press conference acknowledged the importance of the campaign to A.T.A. and tourism. One of the points that A.T.A. emphasizes is that Aruba can provide an unforgettable experience to all visitors of Aruba, but also without forgetting that A.T.A. also stands for safeguarding a quality of life for our own community.

Part of living on a clean island is important for our visitors but also for our community. For this reason, A.T.A. has for several years been carrying out various actions that focus on the cleanliness of our country, this is done by the way in which various garbage cans are placed around Aruba.

Currently there are a number of garbage cans around Aruba that not only allow users to use it, but also stimulate waste separation. According to A.T.A. CEO Ronella Croes, one can think of several of these garbage cans that are primarily located in different areas where the beaches are.

A.T.A. requests all users of Aruba’s beaches to separate the plastic, aluminum and other waste from the rest of the waste. As the CEO of A.T.A can tell, users generally respect this, but it seems that there is a need for more awareness in this area.

Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A) joins the “Limpi Limpi “ campaign not only to explore how to provide more space for the garbage dumps, which is one of the requests that has also been made and A.T.A will analyze this properly, but at the same time believes it is important to stimulate the separation of garbage.

The waste that is currently being collected is made by a foundation that recycles the plastic and delivers the remaining material to other agencies that can do something with the respective waste.

According to A.T.A CEO Ronella Croes besides this can be seen how to expand awareness under our community so that under this layer we can provide the A.T.A platforms to inform the community of Aruba and the visitors of all places is Aruba’s policy and at the same time stimulate the community and the visitor to help keep Aruba clean and make Aruba clean where it is dirty.

According to A.T.A. CEO Ronella Croes, the certification program provided by A.T.A. through the Aruba Excellence Foundation will see the possibility of adding a component of what is about the cleanliness of our country and the importance of this and in this way continue to stimulate awareness in this way. A.T.A will certainly give its granite to the “Limpi Limpi“ campaign not only for the citizens of Aruba but also for the 1.8 million visitors that Aruba receives.

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