HOH announces the 6th Island Wound Care Symposium 2023

Hoh Ta Anuncia E Di 6Th Island Wound Care Symposium 2023

The Horacio Oduber Hospital held the press conference to announce the 6th Island Wound Care Symposium 2023, which will have a team of professionals and specialists in different branches of health. The theme of the morning was “HOH always bets on education”. The event will begin in September and registration is available on the Hospital’s website.

This morning Charlaine Huntington Manager of Communication & Marketing welcomed everyone present and introduced the members of the board of directors and the specialists present in the health care sector in Aruba.

Gregory Croeze, Chairman of the MBA Board of Directors informed that they have a very simple but profound vision. We want to provide healthcare to everyone no matter where you come from or which race you are. The quality should not be affected and the vision should be achieved, which consists of 4 pillars which are very important. The first is; Hospitality First, the second pillar happens to be the quality that is very important, and the third thing is; financially sustainable and this is very important to be able to continue investing in medical equipment and to be able to innovate.

Drs. Jacco Vroegop, Chairman of the Board of Directors, mentioned how we can achieve quality, if we can connect with everyone, build a team where all faces can be in the same direction and be sure that we can deliver the best attention to the population and our tourists and the most important part is lifelong learning, and how do we achieve it? through internal training of people. They are currently looking for courses outside of Aruba, and here they organize events for our people but also for people from abroad and the imposium that was organized for the next few weeks proves it. You have to make sure that they take their job very seriously and that it is very important for them to keep learning and keep challenging themselves to increase knowledge, embrace innovation and show that this hospital is very important to the population, but also keeps at the pace of the nations we lead, that we can offer high quality care and really compete with healthcare in New York, Amsterdam or Berlin.

Drs. Jacco is proud that our people are committed to sharing their knowledge. They seem to represent the best doctors, who want to establish a good hospital together with us, the nurses, medical assistants and everyone who belongs and is from Aruba, participate in one of the conferences and will be able to continue sharing our knowledge to ensure that Aruba has a good hospital.

First Specialist will be presented on September 16, 2023 and the first cardiology intervention symposium in Aruba. Dr. Robert Dennert Cardiologist said that in 2018 the cardiology intervention began in Aruba and before that all the patients were discharged. Now we proudly present after 5 years the achievement of providing the best treatments in Aruba. This is what they want to present on this day where there will also be different specialists from the field who will give their presentation.

Drs. Yuri Casseres Agemeen Chirurg ⁇ Medisch Manager mentioned that this is the sixth Symposium although after two years due to the pandemic it is back. The Symposium is of an international level where there are international speakers who will speak for two days about wounds. It is used to treat diabetic foot sores, stomach wounds and all kinds of complicated wounds. It will take place at the Renaissance Convention Center and will feature speakers from the Caribbean, the United States, experts in the field of complicated injuries, as well as the innovation required to treat them. Currently the center has between 17 to 20 thousand consultations per year, which is a big problem in Aruba, but as a doctor I am proud that Aruba has a center that can be treated here, and that there are people from abroad who come to be treated here. . The Symposium on this topic will be held on September 28 and 29, 2023.

Drs. The German Jacomien Pharmaceutical Hospital (Ziekenhuisapotheker) announced that antibiotic courses will be administered on October 13, 14 and 15, 2023. Currently everything will revolve around antibiotics, i.e. infection-fighting drugs, also the effect that they can have, as a side effect, but also deals with the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. There is also a significant part of the course which is antibiotic resistance, which is a global problem as bacteria become less and less sensitive to antibiotics and the treatment of infectious diseases becomes more and more difficult to treat. The course is divided into two parts and will be in English. The first part will not only be for out-of-hospital care providers, but could include general practitioners, dentists, but also pharmacists and nurses, but also welcome nursing specialists or other health professionals.

Drs. Rashidi Rellum Rheumatologist will be one of the speakers on 16 and 17 November 2023. This is a conference devoted to general internal medicine and rheumatology, which will cover a variety of topics and this year will focus on women. He will also talk about various studies that are being published locally. They will also be dedicated to communication. The cooperation between medical specialists. Every year doctors and health professionals from the other islands such as Curacao, St. Martin, Saba, Suriname and the peninsula are summoned, with the aim of improving medical and professional care.

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