Nos por ta hopi orguyoso di nos hoben artista: Minister Maduro ta felicita Kay Quandus cu su bunita poema dedica na Prinses Amalia

Minister Maduro Ta Felicita Kay Quandus Cu Su Bunita Poema Dedica Na Prinses Amalia

Riba e prome dia di bishita Real nan a bishita San Nicolaas pa asina atende diferente presentacion y tambe admira tur e murals di arte cu tin. Na final di e recorido, e famia Real a presencia baile, pero tambe un poema dedica na Prinses Amalia cu a wordo presenta pa Kay Quandus.

Kay no ta un figura desconoci. Ya pa algun aña caba Kay ta usa su voz pa trece concientisacion riba Autismo, mirando cu Kay mes ta un persona autista. Hopi biaha Kay ta forma parti di discusionan riba e importancia di inclusion y asina ta comparti su experiencianan cu otro, primordialmente riba medionan social y den entrevistanan cu e haci.

Ta pa e motibo aki tambe ta asina special con e dia di bishita Real, Kay a recita un poema cu el’a scirbi hunto cu Carolina Thiel-Span pa asina inspira y motiva Prinses Amalia. E poema tabata como lo siguiente:

“His Majesty King Willem Alexander,
Her Majesty, Queen Maxima,
and her Royal Highness Princess Catherina Amalia.

It is for me a great honor to be standing here, all nervous and shaking, for that I ask a bit of silence from the crowd. To recite my at my outmost best.
Before I continue, I would like to teach the public the silent applause. You raise both hands up and wave. This is both visually pleasing for the eye as it is for my highly sensitive ears. Thank you for taking into consideration my need.

With your permission your majesty I dedicate this poem to your daughter.

Title: Princess Amalia

Dear Princess, although a princess, there is a lot that we can relate to you on as Arubans
Born in a melting pot of a number of cultures, most of us children of both locals and immigrants
Being born and raised into multicultural families, which only make us much more resilient and aware of the reality of this world

Princess Amalia born a princess, a fairy tale I’m sure a lot would say
However, I’m very much convinced that it comes with great responsibilities
Responsibilities which I am happy are bestowed upon someone like you, an example of a woman who is resilient
An example of a woman who is born not only with all the pressures this world puts on women
But also all of the pressure put on women in position of power, in position such as yours as a princess.

Expectations I am sure are a lot to keep up with
But again just like our people of Aruba you too are resilient
You too are brave
And I am sure that resiliency and that bravery will make you a great leader some day.

Princess Amalia, your name inspired thousands of parents not only in the Netherlands but around the world to name their children after you
Amalia, A name that has created a sense of hope
Without even knowing of who you would become
I am sure that today you have inspired countless of others with the bravery you have already shown in your short life

Princess Amalia, I am happy to be standing here in front of you as a fellow gen Z
As I am sure that you too see the world through the eyes I do
I am sure you too are aware of the struggles we face as young people who have the responsibility to create better future for our nations

Princess Amalia, I welcome you into our island, our home, with open arms and full of hope that you will continue to inspire, continue to motivate
And that you will continue to grow into a wonderful young woman,
A wonderful royal to whom we can look up to with inspiration, admiration and hope

And lastly I say to you, your royal highness princess Catharina Amalia, Bon Bini (welcome)”

Mester menciona cu e poema aki a conmove e Prinses ora cu el’a scucha esaki y na final Prinses Amalia a acerc’e pa asina gradici’e pa su poema.

Minister Maduro tambe tabata tin palabra di elogio pa Kay: ’Danki Kay, pa bo bunita palabranan, bon escohi, pa a para como un representante di e Generacion Z, mescos cu Prinses Amalia y pa a laga bo curason papia atraves di cada palabra cu bo a pronuncia. Aruba ta hopi orguyoso dibo.’

Minister Maduro ta gradici Kay Quandus pa su buita poema y pa tabata tin e corahe y balentia pa para dilanti un multitud asina grandi y dedica palabranan asina bunita na Prinses Amalia.

Kay Quandus

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