Successful symposium celebrating the history of cardiology intervention in Aruba

Exitoso Simposio Celebrando Lustro Di Intervencion Di Cardiologia Na Aruba .5

A huge investment in medical care in Aruba and now looking to the future. On Saturday, September 16, a successful cardiology symposium was held on the topic of cardiovascular intervention in Aruba with the theme: 5 years of percutaneous coronary interventions in Aruba, what’s next? In a packed room, local and international speakers touched on various topics including looking back on five years of cardiovascular intervention in Aruba and its results, but also talked about future opportunities for our island in this field.

Cardiologist Robert Dennert: Today we celebrate that we have our own clinic in Aruba and that we have five (5) years since we no longer have to send patients abroad but can treat them in Aruba itself.  Immediately treat a person who has had a heart attack or who has had stents placed to open clogged arteries.

This not only saves a lot of money but more importantly allows the patient to recover faster on their own island in a familiar environment. With the collaboration and guidance of Amsterdam UMC and Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) Amsterdam has realized the modern cardiovascular intervention complex which in recent years even treats patients coming from our neighboring islands according to cardiologist Dennert.

During this symposium, we saw the fruits of the investment made not only in the complex itself but also in the knowledge and training of a great team that makes these operations possible in Aruba itself. My experience with the team in Aruba is fantastic. Cardiologist Prof. dr. José Henriques of Amsterdam UMC tells of the wonderful collaboration. I think it’s important to mention that the collaboration has always been great and that now cardiologists can even work in the Netherlands on an equal and independent level. I think it’s time to think about the next step of starting treatment with acupuncture or other types of treatment together with an internist, radiologist, intensive care physician or other specialist. “The sky is the limit” is what I think will be the next step for Aruba.

According to Dr. Rene van der Schaaf, cardiologist at OLVG Amsterdam will be working with great pleasure from the very beginning with the whole team. The relationship that we established in the beginning has continued to grow and we still exchange and share information with each other which is a beautiful thing. It is important for the professional impulse to continue and it can be seen that in Aruba there are always new techniques being implemented that have only just reached other places of care.

This cardiovascular complex is also an example of something progressive and forward-looking in the world.

Cardiologist Casper Laclé says he feels very happy. “After many years of hard work, we were able to come up with this PCI program that is sustainable in Aruba itself and now we can look back on 5 years as a great achievement thanks to the help of many people”, Cardiologist Laclé says.

What I have begun to push forward, I have not been able to accomplish without the support of many. Also at the end of the symposium today that ended with the talk of the director of the Hospital, mr. Jacques Vroegop, I do not expect to be surprised by the words of thanks and appreciation that we all received.

Five years ago in April, the first cardiovascular interventions began at the Horacio Oduber Hospital.

It has been a long journey to achieve this but with extremely successful outcomes for medical care and the community of Aruba. In this way it is possible to see how, systematically, HOH continues to invest in more equipment, train our own professionals, expand services, provide more patient care and reduce costs for AZV and Aruba. Once again, the Hospital and Aruba have demonstrated that they can and will continue to innovate and elevate the quality of medical care for Aruba!

Exitoso Simposio Celebrando Lustro Di Intervencion Di Cardiologia Na ArubaExitoso Simposio Celebrando Lustro Di Intervencion Di Cardiologia Na ArubaExitoso Simposio Celebrando Lustro Di Intervencion Di Cardiologia Na Aruba .2Exitoso Simposio Celebrando Lustro Di Intervencion Di Cardiologia Na Aruba .3

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