What are the six foods you should eat at night to avoid gaining weight?


Keeping your weight under control is not only a matter of appearance but also of health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned on several occasions about the growing number of overweight or obese people. However, losing weight alone does not guarantee good health: it is necessary to implement changes in habits that promote an improvement in the general state of the body. 

In this regard, choosing the best diet for your needs and activity level is one of the keys to looking and feeling good. After all, as the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’ and there are no foods that should be eradicated from the diet. On the contrary, it is a matter of finding balance and finding foods that provide satiety with few calories, but at the same time do not lack the essential nutrients for good health in everyday life. 

Changing habits is, therefore, a change of life, which includes working on eating better, choosing movement as part of life, getting enough sleep, managing emotions and stress, not looking for a weight on the scale, but looking to live in a comfortable and healthy body, which allows you to have an active life, and feel good, explained to InfoBase the doctor specializing in Nutrition and Diabetes Marianela Aguirre Ackermann (MN 151867). 

According to her, in addition to what we eat, “we are what we do repeatedly.” Thus, some foods, despite having a high number of calories, offer a great satiating effect, which causes them to be able to eat less and, therefore, consume fewer calories. Other foods, on the other hand, are suitable for losing weight because they help to speed up the metabolism, and there are others that are not recommended because they only provide what specialists call empty calories. 

Empty calories are those that provide energy but few nutrients. So beyond the belief that calories should be counted, what really matters is the quality of what you eat, so that it contributes to the proper functioning of the body. Thus, it will be key to identify foods that serve to lead a healthy diet, which allow you to lose weight without decreasing nutrients for the body. It is therefore important to choose the food you eat at night wisely and in small portions. And the recommended way to eat at night without gaining weight is to have dinner at least two or three hours before going to bed. You may be interested in: 

  1. Boiled eggs: The egg is a complete food, rich in protein and helps to satiate the appetite. It’s important to prefer cooking as hard, or past water and avoid frying at that time.
  2. The collision: This food is a recommended dish to eat at night, especially because it is light, can be easily digested and is easy to combine with other foods. It is important, according to experts, that it not be canned because it loses its natural properties, and also has excess sodium. It can be accompanied by mushrooms or salad without dressings. 
  3. Chicken with squashed pumpkin: Chicken meat is rich in healthy protein, and it is digested much more quickly than other meats, so it is recommended to eat it at this time. 
  4. Cheese with nuts: An 80-gram serving of cheese contains about 100 calories, so it is vital not to exceed that amount. This food is rich in tryptophan, protein and casein. Casein helps speed up metabolism, a key factor when trying to lose weight. This portion of cheese can be accompanied by nuts, which are rich in melatonin, a hormone that helps burn calories. 
  5. Humus with vegetables: Humus is a recipe made from chickpeas, a food rich in vitamin B6, a vitamin related to the production of melatonin. Fresh vegetables can be added to the dish without any seasoning. 
  6. Fish Another source of easily digestible protein is fish, which is also a rich source of vitamins, is rich in healthy fats so opting for this option at night is very healthy and nutritious.

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