Canadian Artist incorporating Aruban Elements in the Contemporary Art scene

Arico Oneiros Spelunca I Qr Hr

Traveling artist Arico is known as the Telepathic Astronaut who travels through the dreamworld and she translates her discoveries into this reality, through paintings, sculptures and immersive installations.Her artworks are embodied in order to highlight the earthly essence of the viewers in a timeless journey outside of reality as we perceive it. ONEIROS unfolds in three visual sections: painted works reflecting landscapes resulting from meditative and dreamlike visions, sculptures representing celestial flora, and an immersive tower designed to give the public a multisensory experience. In a desire to create links with the community and art, ONEIROS brings out a sense of sacred unity from Nature itself. This immutable quality of Nature, which constantly renews itself, guides this creation and allows her to convey a broader vision of the world. Immersion in the world of dreams is intended to be a catalyst for well-being, like a sweet rediscovered childhood memory providing a vitalizing and singular sensation, leading to avenues for deep reflection on the meaning of our life on Planet Earth. 

While finishing her second mural on the island, she also started ‘’Spelunca’’, a new series of works, embodying her aruban experiences on canvas specially depicting the amazement she felt while visiting Guadirikiri cave. The mystical and magical energies within the caves were expressed from her cosmic vision point of view, navigating between blue, green and golden hues. The first painting of this series is currently on aruban land and ready to find her new home or embellish your art collection!

ONEIROS experience was recently showcased at Satellite Art Show during Basel Miami 2022 and resides at the moment in Montreal. The roots are now spreading to Aruba, expanding her visual horizon and inspirations, bringing awareness to our nature, its beauty and the importance of its protection, preservation and regeneration. 

For more information about the artist or ‘’Spelunca I’’ contact us here: +12975631988


Artista Canades Incorporando Elementonan Di Aruba Y Su Naturalesa Den E Escena Di Arte Contemporaneo Na Aruba

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