Exhibition ‘ national focus on corona’ also touches the Caribbean

Pap Exposicion Enfoque Nacional Riba Corona Tambe Ta Toca Caribe

The Exhibition’ national focus on corona ‘ will not only travel through provinces in the coming months, but also visit the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands. The pandemic is seen as the biggest crisis of the last 75 years in the Kingdom.

“Corona affected everyone in a different way. There was help, togetherness, gratitude and love, but also loneliness, fear and anger. In the exhibition, more than 40 Dutch people tell a story about the person who made the most impression on that person during the pandemic. A story about someone else. The stories include impressive photos from the corona years. The exhibition invites everyone to add a story themselves. The central question is: who are you talking to?”, according to the organization.

The project is organized by the National Committee to reflect on corona, which was set up by the Cabinet to think about how to reflect on the consequences that the corona crisis has had on society.

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