Five accused in Avestruz case acquitted

Caso Aveztruz Na Aruba

Five of the twelve accused in the Avestruz case were declared completely innocent of the charges against them. These include hotelier Ewald Biemans (bribes); Mary Winterndaal (director of Deshaun who bought a commercial property); Rebecca Richardson; Frederick Eevery and Franklin Abath.

All the others were found guilty of one or more offences, but generally speaking not all the charges were proven and therefore the punishment was not as demanded by the Public Prosecutor. In addition to the five persons declared free, there is the group of Carlo Mansur, Leoncita Arends, Ninosca Nuñez and Gaby Werleman, who were found guilty of
In the Curt Harms case, the Court concluded that there was no evidence of money laundering. But if active omkoping (from Sevinger) was tried. This was a donation he made to the Green Healing Foundation of former minister Benny Sevinger. He demanded 100 hours of community work or 60 days of closure and a fine of 25,000 florins. Too much time passed before the Court decided that only a fine of 15,000 florins was imposed.
In the case against Carlo Mansur and Leoncita Arends they are accused of oplichting and valsheid in schrift. They are also accused of bribery. Valsheid in schrift was not proven but oplichting. Neither has bribery been proven. The judge said Red’s testimony was not credible. Arends received 24 months of which 12 months were conditional, a bonus of 50,000 florins and three years of probation, during which he could not claim land, either directly or indirectly.
Carlo Mansur was found guilty only of oplichting and was fined the same as Arends, with a fine of 25,000 florins. Gaby Werleman and Ninosca were also found guilty of oplkichting for which they received sentences of 24 months of which 12 months were suspended, 3 years probation, and during which period he could not claim land, a fine of 25 thousand florins.
Eventually Sevinger’s childhood friend Pieter Susebeek was declared free of money laundering and found guilty of active omkoping, a form of bribery. He was given two years, of which one year was probationary, three years probationary.

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