Minister of Justice and Social Affairs of Aruba Rocco Tjon held a symposium on “human factor vs technology”

Minister Di Husticia Rocco Tjon Y Minister Di Hustciai Di Corsou Hato 8

Together with fellow Minister of Justice of Curaçao, Mr. Shalten Hato, Minister of Justice and Social Affairs of Aruba, Rocco Tjon spoke during the symposium titled “Human Factor vs Technology.

An interesting symposium organized by the “Stuurgroep Informatie Coordinatie” whose “voorzitterschap” is in the hands of Aruba, on behalf of Mr. Juri Nicolaas, head of National Security. The aim of the symposium is to bring together all stakeholders in the judicial, local and regional chain, structurally deliberate on strategic issues. This symposium was attended by all the High Commissioners of the Caribbean Kingdom, RST, but also participants from the semi-public and private sectors.

According to both Minister Tjon and Minister Hato it is extremely important to invest in technology, as this will certainly help fight crime more efficiently and effectively. But we cannot ignore the most valuable resource in this regard, which is human resources.

For this reason it is important to create adequate organizational structures, invest in education and guidance for staff. Finally, it is necessary to ensure the creation of opportunities to employ the necessary experts in organizations that belong to the judicial chain.

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