Party Curpa is staunchly pro-family and against same-sex marriage

Eng Party Curpa Is Staunchly Pro Family

The government gets it into his ankle that there’s no one to stop the horse he’s on. When we pass in front of the management office and the Parliament we can see that the government has not only let flags be placed but has also gilded the street lights with the 17 Sustainable development Goals. Below point number 5 we talk about gender equality and below number 4 we find the teaching that will be implemented in our schools.

There are no men or women in gender equality. If the man wakes up one day and says that he is someone else, women are allowed to enter the women’s bathroom. This is what happened in the US

to end what was perceived as mere problems since there were even sexual rapes of creatures. Many states in The United States have banned men who feel like women from participating in women’s sports.

Reason enough for the people of the United States to stand up against gender ideology in schools. In Ottawa Canada Christians and Muslims joined forces to protect their children against gender ideologies. 

Do not touch God’s creatures. If you see the flag of LGBTQ+ is no longer 6 colors of regenboog and the lgbt has become lgbtgia+ which has a color that represents the group of pedophiles. God’s rainbow has 7 colors. The number 7 means perfection. When a child comes out of his mother’s barrel, he is either a boy or a girl. Men that men cannot multiply nor women that women. God’s creation is perfect and He works man and woman to multiply. When man touches God’s creation, he only gets hurt.

We can remember the tourist boat that entered our dock and the immoral acts that caused numerous protests in our people. They walked through the streets semi naked in the city center and had sex in public places. We of the body party believe that the MEP party wants to turn Aruba into a sodom and Gomorrah where there is no more norm and value. The government doesn’t hear from anyone no matter how much the firm has collected. On the initiative of our Prime Minister, the Aruba National Gender Policy was developed. A group of pastors sat down with our prime minister and explained that the introduction of same-sex marriage would be it brings a lot of problems to our island. In the past pastors sent a letter saying the ex-first minister apologized to the governor and the Netherlands step camped in front of the governor’s office. 

Today everyone is silent and no letter has been sent telling our prime minister that his decision on equality is a disgrace to Aruba. Very sad is that our supposedly Christian parliamentarians lie about not being up to par for what is dealing with same-sex marriage. Our prime minister has never backed down since last year on the 23rd of October 2023 she led a talk on gender equality at the University of Aruba. Tevreden, Berlis and Darlaine Guedez- Erasmus you are parliamentarians without character and without principle take sides for evil. You remember as traitors step in your hands you had the power to bring change and for the lack of courage, you didn’t do it. Stop looking for splinters in the eyes of others but look for the balcony in yourselves eyes. The family instituted by God and our creatures is in danger at the hands of this government. Soon the  government here will go home and you will no longer be parliamentarians. 

The MEP party is against the laws of God and the consequences are on the way to his downfall. No one mocks God and comes out unscathed. Matches The body is the only alternative.

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