Watch your ears because you only have one

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Stella Monsanto is the service director of Aruba’s international quota for 2023-2024. We’re currently in the month of September and this month is the month that Quota awards for ear care awareness. Quota began in early September with a press conference inviting Aruban citizens to call the locations with which Quota is cooperating this year to have their hearing checks done.

According to Stella Monsantos, the four places that are cooperating with Quota this year are Dokter Cabenda, FEPO, the specialist and SVB San Nicolas. The Aruba community called last week to make their appointments and today officially opened where the tests will begin. According to Stella Monsanto, the tests will start from September 18 to September 22 for those who have made an appointment to be tested at the various locations.

It’s a large audience where people are very interested in getting their hearing checked. This is certainly important for Quota considering that it has been doing this for over 32 years. These tests are conducted annually to raise awareness among the people of Aruba about the importance of their hearing.

However, it is also not the time of year that the Quota campaign should be conducted, but during the year it is important to do it regularly. Each of us should guard our ears and take the time necessary to do tests. At the time of this examination, it is important to determine whether the hearing is normal or whether a hearing aid is required.

If a person does not check and control whether there is a situation that he should pay attention to and does not know, his hearing will be delayed, and the sooner he detects that there is something else, his hearing will be delayed. The consequences come later where you can no longer hear clearly and then you can’t hear anyone else at the time you’re speaking. When this occurs, the person may become isolated and even depressed when he or she no longer listens.

According to Stella Monsanto it is very important for everyone to be aware of their hearing. Quoting his words always means that if it’s too hard, too narrow and too long it’s harmful to your ear. Therefore, you yourself as the owner of your body should take care of your ear so that it is healthy.

Every year there are tests and every year there is an evaluation. According to Stella Monsanto of Quota International of Aruba, doing these assessments can see that there are times when there is a balance that there is less and then suddenly there is more, the results vary. Consciousness is therefore necessary so that the figures do not rise and become uncontrollable.

Awareness is very important because during carnivals and festivals the road noise is very loud. But not just for those who party, the control is good for people who work in companies, those who work in the construction world with hard-sounding materials are people who should be more aware of the damage that noise does to their ears. Unfortunately, many of them are not aware of this. It is also important for companies to be conscious about caring for their employees in this area.

Also in the area of the hair salon when a person is blowing his hair it is important to wear earplugs because the sound is very loud, these are the parts that look small, but they have an effect on your ears.

One of the groups that is most concerned is the youth, although they can use headphones but the noise in the headphones how loud it is, often our young people use headphones and the noise is very loud, very loud and long they stay with the headphones in their ears and this is definitely not healthy for the ear. In all of this the young man should learn to moderate his noise and take care to protect his ears.

Quota encourages young people to become more aware and self-motivated and to get tested as many of them are unaware of hearing loss and its consequences.

After the test days are over, Quota will conduct a re-evaluation where it will be seen how many people came to the test this year and also how many people have hearing loss that they don’t know about. 

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