Arubaverse 2.0 boosts St. Nicholas in the Digital Age

Eng Arubaverse 2.0 Boosts St. Nicholas In The Digital Age 1

In an attempt to revolutionize the economic landscape of San Nicolás, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Geoffrey Wever, opened yesterday at “The Hub” in San Nicolás the ambitious project: Arubaverse 2.0. This initiative seeks to start a new era of economic growth and innovation, with a strong emphasis on harnessing the power of technology.

With educational events such as Arubaverse 2.0, we want to start fostering an innovative and Moderna business environment for the San Nicolás of the future. He underlined the crucial role of technology in the future of trade. “Technological advances and automation processes are already having a positive impact on commerce, and on government departments, streamlining processes and improving efficiency,” according to Minister Wever.

To ensure that local entrepreneurs are well prepared for this digital transformation, the Arubaverse 2.0 project will offer a series of monthly tiles and meetups in collaboration with the Full Stack Vision Foundation. Topics covered include free Artificial Intelligence (IPS) tools, the latest digital trends, design principles (user design), digital marketing, blockchain technology and more.

Arubaverse 2.0 aims to inspire entrepreneurs to embrace innovation, discover new markets, develop innovative products, either more efficient and attract a wider clientele. “With an emphasis on technology and education, we want to empower entrepreneurs to propel the city of San Nicolás into a Moderna era, create new opportunities and stimulate economic growth for the area,” according to the president.

Minister Wever thanked all the people for their enthusiasm, wishing them much success and inspiration. Also a word of thanks to the Department of Economic Affairs, the Director Mrs. Maria Pita-Dijkhoff and Sharon Meijer, Mr. Bruce Harms of the Full Stack Vision Foundation for the organization and execution of the project and Mr. Alexander Lejuez for an extremely interesting presentation!

Eng Arubaverse 2.0 Boosts St. Nicholas In The Digital Age 4Eng Arubaverse 2.0 Boosts St. Nicholas In The Digital Age 5Eng Arubaverse 2.0 Boosts St. Nicholas In The Digital Age 2Eng Arubaverse 2.0 Boosts St. Nicholas In The Digital Age 3

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