AVP proposes a broader approach to Aruba’s development policy and relations with the Netherlands


Now that the Prime Minister of Aruba has signed three times in the Netherlands for the RAFT, cause that the discussion on RAFT or LAFT is of the past 

Financial supervision is a reality that has its value for the governance. What needs to be prevented is that discussions about the policy of our country no longer take place strictly based on financial figures alone, but that they include in all discussions a broader view and a more extensive and specific knowledge of the social and economic development of our entire country based on research and scientific analysis of the reality that our country is in, of the trends in our country, of the opportunities for a broader and more sustainable development. What we need to do is find the best ways to ensure that all the economic progress in our country translates into more economic stability and a better quality of life for all. That’s what the AVP proposal that AVP faction leader Mike Eman presented today aims to do. 

The broad proposal presented in the parliament hall is to establish a SOCIAL CULTURAL PLAN BUREAU of Aruba, which will have the task of conducting research and scientific analysis on issues important for the development of our country and community, and present the results of this in reports to Parliament, Government and our community, so that everyone has more and better information about developments in our country and possible consequences of management decisions now and in the future. With better information on developments in our country, we can make more balanced decisions and avoid making decisions based only on figures that do not reflect the full reality of our country. 

The adoption of the measures, whether on the initiative of the government or parliament of Aruba or on the proposal of the Netherlands that took place in the last five years, was strictly based on limited figures. These are just two examples of why we need to expand the scientific and objective information base for decision making. In the Netherlands and other progressive countries, such a bureau plan has proved its important value in taking and correcting government decisions. 

RELATIONSHIP with the Netherlands 

The Socio-Cultural Planbureau Aruba (SCPA) will also have a substantial contribution to the relationship with the Netherlands and especially to the future deliberations between Aruba and the Netherlands on any decision, policy or measure that (the Netherlands) wishes for Aruba to take. Now decisions in the Netherlands are strictly based on figures that often ignore the reality in which our people live. The decision to cut medicine coverage by AZV is an example of this. With a broader view and more specific and in-depth information based on scientific analysis, better decisions could be made that benefit the general welfare of the people of Aruba. Finally, this is the goal of the AVP proposal: ensure that under all circumstances decisions are made that are good for our country and serve the general welfare of our people.

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