Imbalance in family harmony

Pap Desbalance

Few realize the social problems that Aruba faces in the area of family and how each family in Aruba is formed. Aruba has great difficulty in maintaining harmony in various areas of the family.

It may have come to people’s attention how many problems and divorce and family problems we face in our country. The youth and children of our country need something more stable than this, of course not all problems are preventable but if it is to be noted that our country needs to pay more attention in the family and social area. Problems are increasingly occurring within families due to various social and economic problems in our country, the number of families trying to survive these problems is increasing. For there are many murmurings and complaints in their ears, but they are not heard. Standing for a more stable economy stands for a more harmonious family unit, Working together to bring balance back to the family can be a challenge but together there is so much we can achieve.

Taking time to sit down with each other and talk about financial status and family harmony is important so that you can grow together on the same level of understanding. Educating young people and young children about their financial and social problems is a very important key to understanding and valuing the future.

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