Street Arauco phase 1 finished soon phase 2 is on its way

Kaya Arauco Fase 1 Finalisa Pronto Fase 2 Ta Na Turno

Improvement and maintenance of Caya Aruaco, another project within the framework of maintenance and repair of the street, was realized within a rapid time period. On 11 September 2023, the contractor in charge of this task, began the works of laying an asphalt layer and consequently completed these works the next day. Thus, deputy Hennyson Thielman is involved.

The work proceeded according to plan and satisfaction. This is the first phase of the project to repair and maintain this gate that connects the neighborhoods of Hato and Northeastern Saliña.


At the beginning of last June, Deputy in charge of Planning and Development, Mr. Hennyson Thielman, along with fellow MP Paul James Kroon, announced the start of the first phase, which consists of works to repair this road, leading inter alia to the establishment of Curoil. The Public Entity of Bonaire, in the person of the mandatory, emphasized the importance of this street, which is not only for the people (consumers) and businesses that use this street to get to the Curoil establishment, but also for the employees of the fuel company, who daily use this street, which was in a deplorable state, to get to their work. Especially in the rainy season this road becomes impassable. Congressman Thielman proudly announces the completion of the first phase, which is sure to bring relief.

Phase 2

The first phase is referred to as the second phase, which is intended to repair what remains of the Aruaco Street to guarantee the connection with the North-South in its entirety. More information about the work related to this phase will be provided soon, Deputy Thielman said.

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