Successful visit of RGC Activa S.A.S to AZV

Pap Exitoso Bishita Di Rgc Activa S.a.s Na Azv 3

Recently the Executive Body of AZV (OE AZV) received a visit from RGC Activa S.A.S of Colombia audit organization works with OE AZV to monitor hospitals in Colombia.

Mr. German Fernandez, representative of RGC Activa S.A.S tells that they traveled to Aruba to present the results of their work to the OE AZV. RGC Colombia is a audit and invoicing company in the insurance and medical sectors. Almost 20 years of experience and a total of 330 employees; they dominate the field of audit in Colombia working for 10 renowned clients in Colombia (e.g. Colsanitas, Insurance Bolívar, AstraZeneca) and two international clients of which Aruba (OE AZV) is one.


One point that has been confirmed is that the medical care that OE AZV buys from Colombia It is of very good quality and has contracts with the top hospitals in Colombia. and This is not something that RGC Activa S.A.S. alone confirms, but rather that several others The authorities have been able to verify this through the various accreditations such as results of various evaluations (and measurements) given to these hospitals. However, during the audit and inspection of RGC Activa S.A.S. was rejected -in name of OE AZV- 2% of invoices sent so far in 2023, adding up to a total of about 145 thousand US dollars. This result is achieved by keep each Colombian hospital sharp in their invoice form to OE AZV.

New service

The Board of Commissioners of the OE AZV as well as the director of the OE AZV Mr. Edwin Jacobs is very satisfied with the result presented. According to OE AZV RGC Activa S.A.S is a partner key to OE AZV to maintain good control over health care costs in Colombia but certainly also to create the space for improvement in other areas. That said, Mr. German Fernandez confirms that alongside the audit service Now also start with a new service.


The new service is the audit of the consultation process in Colombia. This is where RGC Activa S.A.S. will take care to support more closely the process of arriving in Colombia for the first citation until the agenda of the next citations. This support aims to: improving and thus preventing cities from running hospitals faster (much more poorly). Better connection between the patient’s arrival (and his social companion) at the first appointment looking for a doctor in Colombia until the 2nd (or next) appointment will certainly benefit the experience total medical treatment of the patient. This new service will also benefit AZV fund where there will be fines for hospitals that do not maintain themselves to the (legal) terms of the contract between OE AZV and them as regards  Waiting time between cities. For what is new has been brought into being in that the old is put away, and what is new has been put into being. appointment that is canceled outside the scope of OE AZV and or the insured will fall under Hospitals themselves are responsible. For example, if an insured travels to his appointment On Monday they arrive at the appointment and the hospital cancels the appointment because of broken equipment or any other reason, then it is the hospital itself that takes responsibility for rescheduling the quotation and to make sure to make a quotation as fast as possible.

The OE AZV would like to thank Mr German Fernandez, Mrs Diana Ramirez and Mr Jaider Fernandez for their excellent presentation and visit to OE AZV. Also the Board of The OE AZV Commissioner and the OE AZV Board of Directors would like to thank the entire OE AZV team for participating in the event. several joint meetings with RGC Activa S.A.S. Continuing reforms to guarantee AZV to future generations.

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