The main focus of the 2022 winners is wellness: The winners of the Aruba signature experiences 2022 have been announced

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In 2021, the A.T.A. announced the Aruba Signature Experiences program with the goal of stimulating the development of new experiences in different niches that can attract more tourists and generate more revenue for our island and the world At the same time we have a lower impact on our environment. In 2022 the first round was announced of the winners, and the next round will begin in September 2022.

A.T.A. and Qredits Aruba invited people who want to become or are entrepreneurs, who have a innovative ideas for a unique experience in the areas of romance, wellness, eco-tourism, or culture, for participate in this program. Entrepreneurs participated in Qredits Aruba’s Small Business Academy, where they learned different things skills needed to start and run their own business. After completing this course he The entrepreneur could proceed to the next step of applying for funding at Qredits Aruba.

Among the participants, winners were selected who received the support of Aruba Tourism. Authority with funds, resources and personalized guidance, to promote their unique product or service to our visitors.

Based on criteria such as; how unique the experience is, if it meets the ROPV rules, the level of “High” value- Low impact, and if operational within a maximum of 6 months, two (2) cattle were selected. Both cattle are focus on the “wellness” niche. A.T.A. is pleased to announce the following winners of “Aruba Signature Experiences”. A greeting to Mr. Ryan Leliendal and Sr. Gianina de Freytas from Mondays and Fridays. Nannelle van der Spil and Jerome van der Transition 2 Health release. The next part of the program includes sessions with a Business IQ consultant who specializes in niche areas to provide assistance to the winners, offering them the support to complete it The details to make these ideas even more successful. The A.T.A. will also assist them in the promotional part for so it stands out visually with relevant and unique content. It will also continue to provide support to the winners in marketing.

Visitor expectations and needs have changed over the past few years where
visitors are more focused on unique experiences. After the pandemic, it became more It’s even more important now that more and more people are seeing vacations as opportunities to create memories. unforgettable time with their loved ones.
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