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Minister of culture recognized the Aruban poet Clarette Quandus for her beautiful career

The National Library of Aruba hosted the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Aruban poet Clarette Quandus and her 44th anniversary in the creative, artistic and literary world of Aruba. For Minister Maduro of Culture it was a pleasure to be present to enjoy the different presentations that were held in honor of this celebration.

Minister Maduro took the floor to review the artistic life of Clarette who started writing verses at the age of 8. The time is her Miss Joanna Trimon’s college When Ubao gave Clarette her

opportunity to recite a poem, especially dedicated to mothers on Mother’s Day. This is where Clarette was inspired to write and from there the rest is history. Today Aruba can count on a poet who always carried our language Papiamento and was known to compose many poems from which 4 books were published on the market.

During this afternoon, Minister Maduro, on behalf of the Government of Aruba, delivered to Clarette ain recognition of his years of dedication to the creative, artistic and literary world. 

Greetings and thank you very much. Thank you also to your family, friends and all your fellow artists, and to everyone who has helped, inspired and motivated you in this beautiful trajectory were the words of the President to thank Clarette and all who have provided their support and support. Minister Maduro wishes Clarette Quandus many more years of inspiration so that she can continue to delight us with unique poems in our sweet language Papiamento.

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