Innovation in the field of Sanitation – a priority

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September 25th will be the day to focus on the priorities and put SDGs first in our community and their positive and sustainable effects for our people. How far we are standing in the formation of SDG’s pillars, it is good to be standing at this point to see where we should be able to lend a hand.

SDG’s “Sustainable Development Goals” is the basis set of “rules” / “goals” are the 17 pillars that are emphasized by the United Nations these 17 pillars has been set, so every country could work and make the same steps so they can grow in the same areas, to ensure that we have a most equal world and a world where we all get the same opportunity and needs that they need to live a stable life.

Aruba being part of the Netherlands and its connection with the United Nations where they decided to go according to the 17 pillars, in Aruba we have Mrs. Joselyn Croes as commission chair in this area for Aruba. Aruba has several areas 17 to be exact that need to be constantly controlled and equipped so that we as a country follow these steps and pillars.

One of these 17 points is Article 9, which is: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, which in the eyes of locals and tourists is a point where Aruba can do much more. To give an example is the sanitation of our hotel and tourist zone, where it is no longer pleasant due to the bad odors with whom they are facing due to the great problem facing our water plant in the hotel zone and the condition in which it is now.

Sanitation and the priority of keeping our country clean and with pleasant odors are largely divided. We can see the awareness as well as a project that will now be closer to us in our neighborhood that is ‘Trash to Cash’ in connection with the Ministry of Minister Ursell Arends came with the project “Clean-Clean” where there will be giving neighbourhoods of Aruba the possibility of getting rid of different items that your person will have in your vicinity or home, a project that is of course to be applauded. But as stipulated there are different areas of sustainability, health, innovation and infrastructure that must work towards a change. Remember to see the day when these buckets will be in your neighborhood and get rid of any dirt sanely and totally free.

The sanitation of our people can begin with ourselves as young people and adults.    We as citizens of our country should realize that we can and do keep our areas clean and put effort to keep our neighborhood healthy and clean from bad items for our environment.

As young people we have the priority of keeping our country clean so that our future is a sustainable and lasting one. Standing up for innovations and projects with positive effects, and questioning things in which we are not seeing movements in, is a responsibility we have with our future.

 Pap Innovacion

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