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We, as Chamber of Commerce, herewith inform as follows:

Aruba is in a deep social/economical crisis. We are aware of the measures taken, however we suggest the following:

1. Entrepreneurs should do all possible to maintain employees on the payroll;

2. Government should support entrepreneurs to do so;

3. Government should cut in their salaries and give the money back to the entrepreneurs to pay their employees in the private sector with these monies

4. ELMAR/WEB/SETAR Services should be made available against no cost, no deferral, FREE, until further notice;

5. All taxes to be paid should not be deferred, but exempted as of immediate, so entrepreneurs are able to pay the employees on their payroll (keep the cash going), until further notice;

6. Government should work hard to get a capital injection for the amount that Aruba needs in order to keep the economy alive at least until the end of the year, calculated on a month to month basis;

7. The injection mentioned at #6 should go to the entrepreneurs so they are able to pay their employees and not to the payroll expenses of the Government.

We do know and feel that the Government is doing its best in order to help as much as possible, however, we understand from the members of the Chamber of Commerce that the above are the main concerns. There are, or will be 50.000 people, unemployed, on the Aruban streets that need help and these people, our people, will need help very quickly.

Of course, we are willing to help and give input wherever necessary.

Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry

April 3rd 2020

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