Minister Dangui Oduber: Novegian cruise line has promised more calls for 2024

Norwegian Cruise Line A Compromete Mas Calls Pa 2024

Minister for Tourism and Health Sr. Dangui Oduber shares with delegation from Aruba who together had a good conversation with the management of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) in Miami.

Minister Oduber here shared his vision and policy for cruise tourism. Toon NCL and Aruba are focused on quality, and it is our goal to continue to grow revenue and capital.

Minister Oduber announced that NCL is the third largest cruise company bringing cruise tourists to Aruba. Also that during the high season of the year 2023 NCL has drawn the largest number of passengers on our island.

According to the minister, there was a great meeting where the NCL spoke out. Commitment to Aruba. At the same time, NCL promised that they would also increase the number of calls until 2024. Another positive development for our cruise tourism.

Comunicado Minister Dangui Oduber

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