The first English-language school falls under the directive of Catholic schools and is located at the Sint Antonius College in St. Maria

Eng The First English Language School Falls Under The Directive Of Catholic Schools And Is Located At The Sint Antonius College In St. Maria

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture & Sport (ESKD) opened the first school in English. The first English-medium school falls under the directive of Catholic schools and is located at Sint Antonius College in St. Mary’s. The Chief Minister of Education Mr. Sithree van Heydoorn together with the board of the Catholic School, the American consulate, the Chamber of Commerce made opening speeches.

The school starts with 2 first foundation teaching groups with students who have the age between 4 to 6 years.  The development of cognitive and cultural skills is a priority at this school. The school became a school (immersieschool) where the language of instruction becomes English. Most or rather all subjects are taught in English this means that the curriculum had to be designed and adapted especially for this school. The emphasis of the school is also on the aspect to encourage the development of the student so that he becomes a global citizen where he has skills and knowledge to adapt easily.

This is an initiative and cooperation between the American Consul Mrs. Margie Bond with her team, Catholic Schools board, Chamber of Commerce and teaching and scientific sector. These partners worked together to be able to achieve this dream was realized this school year. It was also possible to observe the renovation of one of the locations by the Corendon Hotel in the form of a donation.

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