Two men robbed a jewelry store in Oostzeedijk Boven in the Netherlands

Pap Dos Homber A Horta Un Joyeria Na Oostzeedijk Boven Na Hulanda

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 31, a firearm robbery took place at a jewelry store in Oostzeedijk Boven. No one was hurt. About nine o’clock two men came to the store and overpowered two of the guards. They were forced to give the pirates the boat they had found, at gunpoint, Dagblad010 reported.

A few minutes later, the robbers left the store with the money, leaving the victim terrified but unharmed. The suspects fled in a car. One of them was dressed in a white robe, and the other was dressed in a purple robe. The police are investigating this case. Image from Google/Dagblad010

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