26 fines were issued to irresponsible people with their dogs

A Parti 26 Multa Pa Personanan Iresponsabel Cu Nan Cacho

After two months of community awareness about the law, the time has come for police action against the persons irresponsible with their dogs.

Aruban Police Corps together with Post Aruba N.V. ran out on Monday morning, early in the morning, and early in the afternoon. It’s about the uniformed police, the K9 Unit, the neighborhood police and the staff of Post Aruba N.V. has formed a team that has been put into action. 

The staff of Post Aruba N.V. is confronted daily with stray dogs on the street. Contents with Police conducted a police action in some neighborhoods around Aruba. Several checks were made in the neighborhoods of San Nicolas such as: Seroe Colorado, Fortheuvelstraat, Seroe Largoweg, Juanamorto complex, De Vyust, Esso Heights, and Weg Rooi Congo, Amsterdamstraat, Arnhemstraat, Castrostraat, Vorstraat, Seroe Preto, which is also the name of the street, It is located on the corner of Dirskstraat, Zeewijk, Weg Rooihundo and Weg Fontein. 

Various infractions were noted such as: looting on public roads, neglect of dogs, dangerous dogs, and people walking dogs on the street without a leash. The control was fruitful, twenty-six (26) people were fined for various infractions of the law of attraction. These checks will continue in other neighborhoods. 

We ask that you keep watch over us, observe the laws and regulations regarding theft and avoid receiving fines. Unfortunately, this fee is high and may have consequences for your post.

A Parti 26 Multa Pa Personanan Iresponsabel Cu Nan Cacho 1A Parti 26 Multa Pa Personanan Iresponsabel Cu Nan Cacho.2

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