Building of the stockroom of Bureau Internal services, was completely remodeled

Pap Edificio Di Bureau Interne Diensten 1

On Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes received the keys to the building completely remodeled by the Bureau Internal services (bid) / stockroom. The prime minister indicated that when she became the minister in charge of Bid Magazijn, there she made a visit to the building, to see the circumstances in which the employees worked. 

At that moment, he made a promise to each of them that he would realize, as Minister in charge, to repair the building and turn it into a more effective workplace. Today with great pride, the Prime Minister receives the key to his promise made and fulfilled.

The prime minister indicated that the IDB / stockroom is the place in charge of purchasing and managing all the products necessary for all government departments. These products range from the pen, the pencil, and the paper, to cleaning products. The government not only remodeled the building but built a stockroom for them, creating opportunities to expand the number of purchases. With the option to purchase in larger quantities, the price of the products would fall, thus favoring the government boxes. 

Also this would help to serve the needs of all the most efficient government departments.

“The Government’s commitment is to ensure that all public employees have a comfortable space to work, thus creating a more beautiful and pleasant environment. 

I hope that this new building will create the necessary atmosphere and motivation for each employee to continue serving all government departments and the community in general, in the same way as they have been doing. I thank bid, DOW, and VKH (Van Kessel Havenbouw) for making this project possible. Also to every employee who has worked for years in less pleasant circumstances, very peaceful with their new building and a heartfelt thanks for the work they have been doing.  Wever-Croes Cabinet promised, and delivered!

Pap Edificio Di Bureau Interne Diensten 2

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