Horacio Oduber Hospital presents the monthly view for the month of August 2023

Eng Horacio Oduber Hospital Presents The Monthly View For The Month Of August 2023

In terms of transparency and praise to give clarity to our clients, patients and visitors the Horacio Oduber Hospital has been publishing different figures of what happens in our Hospital in terms of care, diagnoses and also blood donations on a monthly basis since May 2023.

During the month of August 2023, 793 patients were hospitalized, of which 55.2% were women and 44.8% were men. Of the 793 patients, a total of 447 patients were admitted with emergency, 224 patients were planned admissions and 122 were polyclinic patients admitted with emergency. Each patient hosted an average of 4.1 days were spent in the hospital and during the month of August the bed occupancy stood at 86% which is lower compared to the month of July which was 94.7%.

A total of 567 operations were carried out in August, which is 39 more operations compared to the month of July. A total of 83 babies were born (44 boys and 39 girls). Also in August our heroes passed Bloedbank and made a total of 237 blood donations which is 31 more donations than last month. The Emergency Department saw a total of 2,592 patients in August, of which 1,109 patients (42.8%) were non-emergency cases. Interesting now is to see that the patients who were not emergency cases in the month of May were 58.3% and now compared to August stands at 42.8%. It can be seen that there is a drastic reduction to the emergency department of -15.5% fewer patients who are not emergency cases if we compare the month of May with August. 

An extremely positive change considering that now more patients go to their GP or doctor waiting for non-emergency cases and therefore the Hospital’s emergency department can take care of emergency cases. Specialists in the HOH service carried out during the month of August a total of

7,014 consultations with patients at the various polyclinics. The Radiology Department performed a total of 5,220 tests such as CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging and more of which are 549 more tests than during the month of July. A total of 11,592 people came to the LABHOH department for examinations and a total of 799 patients were discharged.

Thanks to the entire HOH teams that are always there to provide quality care with a smile for all patients, visitors and the entire Huelva community.

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