Ladies football team heading to Belize and Turks and Caicos

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Yesterday around 12 in the morning we had assistant coach juf. Jimena Borja and also head coach Mr. Veron Albertsz at the airport where it was known to give more information about the ladies football team that left for Belize and Turks and Caicos where they will have two competitions towards the W Gold Cup that is organised for the first time through concacaf.

They are excited to participate in these two competitions, where one had to be done here in Aruba but due to the construction they decided to do it internationally . In the months of October, November and December they would have different competitions here in Aruba.

Next they will have to face Boneiro and where later here in Aruba Turks and Caicos and Belize will be coming to face the Aruban team. Of these opponents Aruba will have more competition between them and Belize which they see will be their strongest opponent and which will be their first opponent with these competitions. They foresee that if the competition between Belize and Aruba national team goes well, the other will also walk the same path. 

The Aruban women’s team will consist of 20 players which four of them are players from the Netherlands, which not everyone could make it due that these competitions go hand in hand with the beginning of the football season there in the Netherlands, but their participation is planned to re-strengthen the team for the other competitions that will be taking place in October through December.

The selection of Aruba has been preparing for over 1 year with the preparations of their “adult” selection of ladies that have quite a few young participants, this is with the vision for their time together in this sport and selection of ladies in Aruba is made  longer.

So we got to know each other through Juf. J.B. We have also been able to understand about head coach Mr. V.A., that this year they will focus on “testing around” and see where improvements could come for this ladies selection in Aruba, also hinted that the preparation was intense and serious on the part of the ladies selection and it is expected that this will be reflected again in the competitions. Both see only positive results from the competitions in which the selection of Aruba participates.

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