2022 year of transformation of SOAB

Eng 2022 Year Of Transformation Of Soab

Recently, the Stichting Overheids Accountant Bureau (SOAB) handed over its annual report 2022 to the Minister of Finance, Mr. Javier Silvania is a Spanish actor. With the presentation of the annual report, with the theme Transformation, SOAB confirms its duty of responsible compliance within the framework of good governance and adequate cooperative practices.

SOAB, the government accountant charged with monitoring and advising government and government institutions, understands the importance of accountability to elected officials. The 2022 annual report, in addition to containing financial information, also provides a summary of some important tasks that were carried out during the past year. In addition, SOAB gives an account and reasons for the implementation of the personnel policy and guarantees on their organizational quality.

With the theme of the annual report 2022 Transformation, SOAB assesses the processes of change taking place in their organization. The most outstanding change was the physical move to a new and modern building in Corsou that meets the requirements of the modern employee and employer, supported by inventions that facilitate work. The hybrid workflow continued to have the appropriate structure during 2022 that was enshrined in SOAB’s policy.

Immediately the new strategic direction at SOAB, where the mentality for continuous growth & development of each professional prevailed and ensured that the transformation process continued during the year 2022, successfully. Transformation refers to processes of profound and lasting change, particularly sustainable changes aimed at the fundamental and structural transformation of the thinking and behavior of both groups and individuals.

With the presentation of the annual report to Minister Silvania by SOAB directors Raymond Faneyte and Renata Sandriman, accompanied by Annemarie v/den Horst, temporary chair of the Supervisory Board, SOAB emphasizes transparency, good governance and continuous development for change and improvement of its services for the benefit of the financial management of the governments of Curaçao and Sint Maarten as well as all other clients. It is SOAB’s commitment to through quality standards, norms and values that work with it, continue to work on invasion, improvement and change in the organization to maintain and optimize the confidence of the citizens related to transparency and responsible management of public funds.

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