Aruba’s infrastructure doesn’t provide space for tourists in wheelchairs to be safe

Infrastructura Di Aruba No Ta Duna Espacio Pa Turistanan Den Rolstoel Ta Sigur 1

Aruba is a very developed country, but are we really positively developed in the right way? It’s not new and it’s not with the current government, but governments that have sat down have all talked about bringing a better infrastructure for people in wheelchairs in one way or another.

However, it is not only for the community living here in Aruba that this is necessary, but our tourists who visit Aruba also have difficult moments when it comes to tourists in wheelchairs who cannot easily and safely get to where they need to because the infrastructure is not the most correct for them to travel in their wheelchairs, we are talking mostly about elderly people who visit our island.

For years they have been saying that the infrastructure should be able to provide this group of people with the facility to get where they need to go, but the reality is different when it comes to Aruba’s infrastructure. 

There have been attempts in the past to bring about change, but to date nothing has been done in this area, however it can be noted how tourists often have to walk and pass because the infrastructure of Aruba does not provide the facility for them to make use of it and be safe on public roads. This is certainly a point that should be taken into account and a plan should be drawn up so that Aruba’s tourism and its people can be safe on public roads and cars cannot reach them.

Infrastructura Di Aruba No Ta Duna Espacio Pa Turistanan Den Rolstoel Ta Sigur 2

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