Despensa cu Aruba y e otro islanan den Caribe a ricibi ta importante pa drenta scolnan

Historia Di Sclavitud No Ta Tur Hende Ta Na Conocemento Di Dje

E historia di sclavitud no ta tur hende ta na conocemento di dje. Principalmente e generacion nobo cu tin. Nos como adulto y pais mester percura pa e acceso di informacion aki yega na e scolnan pa cada un di nos muchanan sa e historia di unda nos ta bin. Documenta e historia ta importante pa conta e storia manera mester ta y archivo nacional lo hunga un rol grandi pa nos futuro generacion.

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Charles Croes December 24, 2022 at 3:36 pm

The message of apology from Holland to the islands regarding slavery is not set in a proper framework to be taught in schools – yet.

The apology focus seems so be from Holland to the slaves on how the masters treated the slaves once in island. The fact is that when the slaves were brought to the islands, they had already been taken from their homes, beaten into submission, sold to traders, chained, given rotten food to eat, and degraded into souls that were less than human. This made the slave easy to manage since the spirit was broken and gone..
What these noble people endured was a show of the ugliest side of humanity. They became beasts of burden and this happened before they ever reached the islands. The apology should go to the desendants of the slaves, not to the islands. HOW WILL YOU TEACH THAT?

In the writing of Caribbean Crossroads I researched the slavery issue. These people were treated so horribly that I did not include it in the story content.

Further, shall we discuss the depictions on the side panels of the Dutch Royal Carriage? This Carriage is being refurbished so it can be properly displayed to show the glory of days gone by.

The woman who raised was from Anguilla and once while talking about her childhood, she was feeling melancholy and told me., My boy, do your black mama a promise. Be color blind. I nodded and have kept my promise.

Lastly, Dudu told me that when your neighbor wants a soursap they are really wanting the tree. But don’t worry, the tree is planted in our garden. There is wisdom in that.


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