Dredging of the land beyond the park Plaza Chico Goeloe has started

Drechamento Di E Tereno Na Altura Di Parke Plasa Chiku Goeloe A Start.2

This week the work to make the neighborhood of park Plaza Chiku Goeloe more frequented, attractive and safe, has begun 

It will make various adaptations in terms of infrastructure and landscaping.  

Hardcoat:  Hardcoat parking spaces and the surrounding area of the park will be provided with an elevated stairway, which will accommodate people with disabilities. They untie all the ropes on the ground and run them underground. New LED street lights are coming that are energy efficient and help make neighborhoods safer. It also saves on operating and maintenance costs. In addition, a drainage system is installed to ensure adequate drainage. 

Green environment: A green environment has many benefits. That’s why deputy Hennyson Thielman finds it important and focuses on taking this into account in projects. It has positive effects on human health, contributes to the quality of life of the neighborhood, repairs the environment, eliminates pollution and prevents extra coolness during periods of extreme heat. 

Plaza Chico Goeloe: The Little Goeloe Square park is used for various activities for youth and adults. The annual celebration of the Day of the Antriol is held at this site. There are also weekly karate lessons, fitness machines for everyone to use and a room available for official and festive gatherings. 

Through our facebook page and press release you will be kept up to date with all charity work and projects.

Drechamento Di E Tereno Na Altura Di Parke Plasa Chiku Goeloe A Start

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