Drs. Mervin Wyatt-Ras: AVP faction almost sent Evelyn Wever-Croes and her government home, with a no-confidence motion

Drs. Mervin Wyatt Ras

On Thursday at a public meeting discussing the topical refinancing of liquidity debts, the AVP faction presented a motion that almost sent the government home. The no-confidence motion against Evelyn Wever-Croes and her government received 10 votes in favor and almost one more to pass.

According to Parliamentarian Mervin Wyatt Ras during this meeting the worst government that the country of Aruba could have known suddenly came to Parliament to give information on deliberations with the Netherlands on debt refinancing and the Raft law. This is while previously all decisions were taken without dialogue with Parliament or unions.

The Prime Minister without consulting any soul in Aruba has accepted since May 2020 all the conditions of the Netherlands and has signed on several occasions agreements with the Netherlands, which tied our country to the national package, to the laws of the Kingdom and an endless number of measures that affect our citizens directly in the portfolio.

She plunged our citizens into great poverty. A large number of citizens, after COVID did not have the opportunity to recover, because of the immediate measures taken, raised BBO, even at the border, making the cost of living very high. Prices have risen dramatically, water and electricity tariffs have increased, even school fees and uniform prices for children have gone up, not to mention payment for over-the-counter medicine.

This while the government does not reduce its spending on goods and services or cars costing more than 150 thousand florins, lucrative trips and favors to the circle of friends and family. All this without transparency and accountability to Parliament through among other things, annual accounts.

That’s why the advisory board, CAft, and the Dutch government no longer trust Evelyn and her government

Besides this Evelyn Wever-Croes has 2 faces. In the Netherlands, it is agreed to pass a kingdom law and in Aruba it is made as yet in dispute. Van Huffelen stated in July 2023 that the Netherlands would be willing to refinance Aruba’s debt at half the percentage if it accepted the Kingdom Law/RAFT. Evelyn’s reaction to it: we have informed the Netherlands that the Parliament is against the Raft Act. Why does she not say what she said and do accordingly? According to Evelyn’s statement: “In correspondence the Netherlands indicates that it should not be RAFt as it is a kingdom law”.

In parliament, they came to play roles and make comedies and they came to throw all the blame on the AVP, this, and that.

Such a person commits one sin after another and is unwilling to bear her guilt and condemns another. Now that she has surrendered the autonomy of our country, which her uncle fought so hard for, she is coming to Parliament so tomorrow she can say that it is the Parliament and not her. Another example of not taking responsibility. While giving up autonomy, the finance minister uses words such as human rights, responsibility and autonomy and even uses the content of Bob Marley’s song: “Every man has his own destiny”.

When the ark was burned, God had compassion on his people so that they would not share in the sin of unbelief. The question is where has the finance minister been all this time? The Dutch no longer trust this government to let the government pass its own local supervision law. In 2019 Evelyn, while telling the Netherlands to extend the LAft law, with her second face she played the game of giving positive advice on an amendment that Ady, Rocco, Endy, and other MEPs had submitted to change this law. And today it can be noted in the media that the same Rocco who was against national supervision is sending proposals to the Netherlands for help to fix the KIA according to the national package, which is part of the Dutch supervision. Life is changing. The LAft Act remained on the books and was never signed by the Governor.

Van Huffelen indicates in his letter that the national law is the only instrument that cannot be easily changed by Aruba. This means that the Netherlands’ concern is the double-facedness of Evelyn Wever Croes, her whimsy and untrustworthiness, that if the word is something she comes to Aruba and changes it, while if it is a Rijkswet she can’t change anything. Just as Wyatt-Ras was delivering her speech, Evelyn Wever-Croes went to hide in the bathroom. People can’t take it anymore. This government slaughters our people every day. Our people deserve better. This government should give up, before they destroy our people, because of a motion of no confidence.


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