Minister Geoffrey Wever: 459 new business permits issued through August

Minister Geoffrey Wever

To start a business or change the business permit according to the law, a business permit application must be made via the website of the Department of Economic Affairs, Trade and Industry (DEACI) 

The establishment of a business falls under the responsibility of the Minister of Economic Affairs. From January to August 2023, 1195 different types of business permits were granted. Of the 1,195 permits granted, 459 or 38% of these, are permits for new businesses in the period from January 2023 to August 2023. Of the 459 new business permits granted, 310 were for a VBA (86%), 64 for a limited partnership (14%), 64 for a subsidiary (14%), 13 for a N.V. ((3%), 7 for the sale of a VOF (2%) and 1 for a Stichting (0.2%). Regarding other types of business permits such as driver, overplacing, amendment of land and intrekking, Minister Wever, through DEACI, granted 736 (62%) permits in this category in the period from January 2023 to August 2023 

In October 2022 Minister Geoffrey Wever introduced the new business permit policy which among other things aims to speed up the permit granting process by eliminating various requirements, fully digitize the permit application system and stimulate promising sectors, investment in downtown Oranjestad and San Nicolas etc. The new policy also aims to issue permits within a two-week period. Minister Geoffrey Wever thanks DEACI for ensuring that business permits are issued efficiently and quickly and also for continuously compiling all information on the business permit process

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