Movement “Causa Prome” delivers Tula project to President of Parliament

Pap Movemento Causa Prome Ta Entrega Proyecto Di Tula Na Presidente Di Parlamento 1

Thursday, September 7, Movement First Cause delivered a document to the President of the Parliament, Mrs Charetti America-Francisca. The document contains a proposal for a project for a statue of Tula in Punda.

Movement First Cause, reacting to the note on page 6 of the program “Herdenkingsjaar Afschaffing Slavernij 2023-2024” is to be installed on 17 August 2023 the statue of the goddess Tula, expressed our objection to this idea. In the opinion of Movement First Cause, the form that came to this statue and the statue itself, does not meet the criteria for a statue for a hero of the Tula dynasty.

At the same time, the First Cause Movement wants to make a contribution by presenting an alternative to Curacao to get a statue that these people really deserve. So the Cause Movement First came a proposal for a project with the goal of achieving a statue. Representative of our Tula alum who bring people in general, young people in particular and Future generations will see the value of Tula.

Basically the idea of the project is to involve the whole community and our own artists in the process of reaching a statue of our hero Tula. Together we will learn to know each other Tula’s life, history and struggle. With the involvement of the people and the artists themselves we can approach a representative statue. A statue that creates respect, pride and self-worth the son of Curacao. A statue that inspires and motivates young people and the people of Curacao to continue with the struggle for emancipation. A statue that will help reinforce the identity of the son-in-law. A statue of Commander Tula that will fill us with pride and give us the strength to continue struggle.

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