Reflection on the 2022-2023 parliamentary year by MP Ana Maria Pauletta

Reflekshon Ana Parlamentario 2022 2023 4

As we close another parliamentary year, I would like to take a moment to reflect on our role as people’s representatives and the important achievements and challenges we faced during the past year. Our primary responsibility as Members of Parliament is to be the voice of the citizens, to listen to their concerns and to act in their best interests.

During this parliamentary year, I have endeavored to fulfill this duty with diligence and dedication. There were bad debates in Parliament, I passed important legislation and held the government accountable for its actions. As a member of this community, I put my back and shoulders to help clean up our environment. I am actively involved with Cunucu Man, to keep our environment clean. Because, promoting a clean environment is not just the job of our government or Parliament, but of all of us. With small gestures, we can create a big impact on our community.

Together with wonderful groups of volunteers, we’ve created awareness on the topic of miscarriage, breast cancer and food insecurity. As a Member of Parliament, I will continue my efforts to address issues that concern our people, such as health care, education, social development and the environment. While much has been accomplished, I realize that there is still much work to be done. The challenges facing our country as a nation are many and complex, and it is our duty to continue to work towards lasting solutions. We must remain committed to fostering open and inclusive dialogues, regardless of political differences, to come together on common ground and put positive change into practice.

As we enter a new Parliamentary year, we must once again focus on the importance of transparency, accountability and integrity in our role as representatives. We need to remember that we are entrusted with the power to make decisions that affect the lives of our people. This responsibility requires a high level of ethical conduct and a commitment to the principles of democracy.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their opinions, doubts, advice and support with me, I appreciate it. Let’s unite our voices to protect and promote democracy!

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