General Director of International Planned Parenthood Federation visits Minister of Justice and Social Affairs

Director General Di International Planned Parenthood Federation Di Bishita Na Aruba

Minister of Justice and Social Affairs Mr. Rocco Tjon visited Famia Planea Aruba (FPA) which is a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). 

During this visit he met with the IPPF Director General, Dr. Alvaro Bermejo, who visited Aruba for the first time in 50 years. The Government of Aruba is committed to allocate more funds to the Family Planning Aruba (FPA) as they play an important role in providing contraceptives, counseling and sexual health education. In this way it helps mitigate social problems, and thus contributes to the well-being of our youth. IPPF is committed to continuing to support Aruba and is therefore a very important partner in this field, where they provide assistance to Aruba. At the same time, the Ministry of Justice and Social Affairs has ensured that in the 2024 budget, more funds are allocated to FPA. FPA plays an important role in mitigating social problems, such as those cases that may eventually become a social problem, by providing sexual health counseling and education. Present at today’s presentation was another partner, HAVA, who provided various information on various topics. Remarkably, the IPPF representative indicated that the main reason for their visit to Aruba is, the positive signals they are receiving from FPA, so they themselves want to witness how FPA provides assistance, especially on the part of sexual education, so that they can continue to support FPA but also ensure that FPA can act as a model that they can replicate in our region. This fills us with gratitude, considering that the main reason for their visit to Aruba is based on Aruba’s good representation internationally. We would like to thank the entire FPA team, for the tremendous work they do, even though they are a small team, they are certainly a very dynamic team. The impact they have to ensure for the well-being of our youth is unparalleled.

Director General Di International Planned Parenthood Federation Di Bishita Na Aruba.2

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