Relating to the company’s construction permit case Hype Events Planner, registered as a member of the Island Council make the following request

Bon 3

In a letter dated September 5, 2023 the Insular Council was informed that the company Hype Events Planner does not have a construction permit, but an event permit 

In order to avoid confusion, I would like to dispose of all the information regarding the specific case of the building permit and the process that led to it. My petition therefore encloses all the documentation related to the petition, i.e. from the first petition to the letter of rejection of the petition by completing the entire process. I therefore expect to receive all correspondence, including the internal consequences that led to the rejection of the petition. 

I would also like to receive the following documents: 

  1. The permitting of the event apparently took place in an unlicensed building. 
  2. The latest “mandating decision” and “mandating matrix” in T&H and R&O. 
  3. All BC-decisions related to the dose of Hype Events Planner. 

The fact that it has now come to light that the company did not have a permit to build a tent party at the site concerned and that the deputy in question was aware of this or at least could have made himself aware of it (he is responsible for both R&O and T&H), makes this case extremely serious. As a member of the Executive College the deputy should have been aware of all the negative consequences surrounding the petition. At least he could have informed himself by now that this case has gone public. 

In addition to this knowledge the deputy in question acted irresponsibly knowing that it is punishable to build without the necessary permits. It is also politically a mortal sin for a deputy in a plenary meeting to publicly deceive, or at least intentionally misinform, the entire Insular Council and the entire Boneriano community. Finally I understand that events continue to take place in the illegal construction. Therefore, you who are zealous for lawlessness do not put up with lawlessness

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