The 2nd edition of Qredits’ ‘BeYourOwnBoss ‘ program starts at the Liseo Boneriano

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The 2nd edition of the’ BeYourOwnBoss ‘ program of Qredits will start in September at the Liseo Boneriano 

A total of 40 students from the Mavo, Havo and VWO 1 and 2 applied. Both them and their parents are very excited about their participation and what they are all going to learn and experience through the program. ‘BeYourOwnBoss’ has been developed to contribute to the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of schoolchildren. The ‘BeYourOwnBoss’ program is an initiative of Qredits. It was developed to contribute to the entrepreneurial knowledge of school students. During the program, the schoolchildren get the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial qualities and knowledge, as well as give support to an entrepreneurial idea using a ‘Business model Canvas’. Relevant topics on entrepreneurship will be discussed. Think, for example, of discovering your own entrepreneurial qualities, doing competition analysis and drawing up a financial plan. At the end, the participating students will present their idea and receive a certificate.

On 11 September most of the parents of the participating schoolchildren were informed about the program. Classes will begin on September 19, and the program will last 8 weeks. The 40 students who have registered will be divided into three groups to ensure effective communication and participation. Mr. Sullivan Chin Fung Chun will provide the classes. He is a Qredits Coach and businessman. In addition to dealing with the above topics in the lessons, the school students will also visit relevant authorities and entrepreneurs in Bonaire. The Orco Bank as the partner of the ‘BeYourOwnBoss’ program of Qredits, will also provide a session on dealing with money and the use of banking products for the proper management of private and business finances.

The Liseo Boneriano wishes its students become financially self-sufficient so that they can contribute to the costs within their family. The ‘BeYourOwnBoss’ program of Qredits has proven to contribute to this goal. As a result, the Liseo Boneriano continues to give its students the opportunity to participate in the program. The ‘BeYourOwnBoss’ has been executed in Bonaire since 2021; first at the MBO and then at the Liseo Boneriano

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