Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes met with Aruba residents to discuss ongoing reorganization processes

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Arubahuis is a government department under the Ministry of Prime Minister Evelyn Wever – Croes. For this reason, whenever the Prime Minister is in the Netherlands, he makes every effort to visit Arubahuis, exchange ideas, and hear from those who work there, how everything is going.

One topic addressed was the ongoing work in Arubahuis with the restructuring and reorganization process. This issue requires a lot of deliberation, so there was a very intensive meeting, but everything is going in the right direction.

Prime Minister Wever – Croes said that he noticed that in Arubahuis they are working hard for the department to shine and for Aruba to shine. Arubahuis went through a difficult period of research, but now it seems that all the energy and effort is directed at improving the image of Arubahuis and preparing Arubahuis to help with various challenges.

Another challenge this year is the housing situation in the Netherlands. Dutch people in the Netherlands themselves do not find affordable housing, so as an Aruba student if you do not register for a long time it is difficult to find housing. Although Arubahuis is not the one responsible for finding housing, they will have a role to play to see where they can help in this. The Prime Minister expressed that he had reached a certain discussion with Arubahuis about the various challenges, among others he will continue to consult with the Minister of Education.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister said it was a good meeting with a highly motivated group of Arubahuis staff.

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